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Student of the Month April: Abbie Steuhm

Meet Abbie, Sites' Violin Shop's student of the month for April.

Age: 18 Grade: Senior

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, watching scary movies and laying in grassy fields

Favorite Fiddle Tune: Ookpik Waltz

Notable Performances: 1st Place at the Idaho State Fiddle Contest Two Years in a Row Junior Novice and Adult Novice

Advice for Practice: Always have a long, strong bow

Best Tip: Have fun with it!

Favorite Event or Performance: The Calvin Vollrath Concert

Where Did You Get Your Fiddle: Joe Sites at Sites' Violin Shop

Why Do You Like Playing the Fiddle: I like listening to music and it's a lot more fun when I can play along

How Did You Get Interested In Playing the Fiddle: I really liked the song "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and I wanted to play music like it.

Future Plans: Attending college at Marymont in Manhattan

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