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National Fiddle Contest

Just a few reminders for this week. This week is the National Fiddle Competition in Weiser, Idaho so in observance of the competition and for the players competing please remember that there will be no lessons this week. There will be lessons the following week leading up to the fiddle competition in Swan Valley. Congratulations to Sorella and Grace, who placed in Idaho Open Fiddle Competition this weekend!

Good Luck to Grace, Brooklyn, Sive, Leo, Lincoln, Logan and Sorella and any others who are headed up to Weiser. Last year, I won the Adult Division and Grace won the Junior-Junior division at the National Competition in Wesier! We will update everyone on placings this year.

I have created a new online sight-reading practice course only available to our private students. We changed the course platform to the mymusicstaff site this weekend so although the courses are all complete as of today, materials will be re-loaded to the new site as the week progresses. The elementary (beginning) course is up and ready to go. I will be adding more fun songs and a quiz later in the week. If you need a quick brush-up or feel that you have any gaps in your note reading this is a great place to start. You can find it under DOWNLOADS-NOTE READING COURSE_LEVEL ONE. For each section, download the worksheets, watch the videos and then fill out the worksheets. If you have any questions, just bring your worksheet to your lesson and we will work on it together!

Fiddle Contest: The fiddle contest will begin promptly at 10 AM at the Swan Valley Park. Students should arrive no later than 9:30 to check in and register. If you have not filled out your registration form yet, please e-mail it to me at BEFORE Wednesday THIS WEEK. You must pre-register by this Wednesday to compete.

Next Lesson: I will be sending home a sign-up form for the Bar-J Wrangler trip to Jackson, Wyoming and the sign-up form for the Campout/Jam Session at Mountain River Ranch Campground (you do not have to camp/stay over night to participate).

Don't forget to practice your songs for the fiddle contest with a metronome, tuner or recording several times a day to prepare for the fiddle contest.

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