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Spring 2019 Fiddle News

Please remember to use the website with the student login link to access the calendar, schedule and student downloads. The password is fiddle (all lower case). 

Jacie has just released 10 books on Amazon with a few more in the works. She will get everyone lined up for which book they should be in for Spring/Summer lessons. We have arranged quite a few Celtic pieces, show pieces, twin and duet pieces and more. With a majority of students not having the opportunity to study orchestra in school or choosing not to participate in beginner level orchestra, we have created a supplemental note reading program for students who are interested. These new note reading and repertoire books are full of fun, fancy fiddle and guitar arrangements specifically created for all of you. You can take a look at the books at ... these are just a few of the fun books and programs we have been developing over the past few months and last couple of years that are set to roll out over the next year. 

Jacie will have copies of the books in her studio so you can take a look and determine which is the best fit for your current level of study. 

Congratulations to Sadie Hicks!!! We are so proud of her, she won the talent and self expression award at her DYW last weekend AND placed second runner up overall. She played the compilation at about 1000 miles per hour. It was the fastest version we have had a student perform to date! Way to go Sadie:)

Congratulations also to Ally and Tori who finished their Senior CDs. We look forward to Brooklyn, Maddie and Adrianna's CDs which are being recorded this Spring.

We will link all the senior cd's online when they are finished so you can take a listen!

Again, please remember to check the schedule for lessons. A paper copy was sent home during last month's lessons and a copy will also be available online. 

Lessons for April have been moved slightly from the original dates that were posted last Fall. Please take a close look at the dates to make sure you have them notated correctly. 

Jessa and Grace were invited to compete in a special invitation only Twin Fiddle Competition at the Idaho State Fiddle Competition and we are taking a special trip to work on some things SO it moved our lesson dates for April slightly.

We have scheduled several jam sessions for students who will be competing in fiddle competitions this Summer. They will be held at 3pm for Small Frys and Junior-Juniors and at 4pm for more advanced Junior-Juniors and Juniors. The first is scheduled for the last Saturday in March. Please sign up with Joe or Jacie to attend the jam for those who are choosing to participate in the state fiddle competition in Hailey, Idaho We will be attending the state fiddle contest, the National contest in Weiser, Idaho and our own Swan Valley competition this summer along side several other fun performance opportunities. We will no longer be teaching on Mondays beginning in June so students who are currently scheduled for Monday lessons can begin determining Summer lesson times/days beginning next month. If you would like to change your lesson date/time please let Joe or Jacie know right away so we can get you on a list of students looking for new days/times and we will look into the possibility of rescheduling students permanently this summer based on openings and interest.  


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